Sledge Discovers the 21st Century

So I’m trying to up my design technology know how.  Before our last trip to Ikea with Jefe’s parents to check out my furniture choices for their office, I decided to play around with a room planning app.  I had heard great things about Google’s SketchUp, but time was limited so I went the easier app route with RoomPlanner.

The app, particularly the free version, definitely has some limitations.  But it is a great basic tool in terms of showing room layout.  After a few quick hours messing around on it, I showed my rudimentary mock-up of the office to Jefe and his parents so they were finally able to visual some of the crazy ideas I had.

Now that I’ve had a smidge more time to play with it, I thought I’d show you all where this office is headed.

gloria & harry office - 3D

Some things to note:

  • The bookshelf in front of the window is meant to be a halfsie.  I still have yet to figure out how to change height for objects.
  • The bookshelf between the 2 doors is also a halfsie.
  • The blue paint color is not exact but it’s close enough.

I’ve also included the updated mood board for the office space based on some modifications I made after the Ikea trip.

OB-gloria & harry office - v2

I’m pumped to spend some more time with the app and really see what it can do.  My only serious gripe so far is that from what I can tell, you can save your mock-up as a picture, but you can’t save your work so if you want to mess around with another project, you’re unable to go back to the first one and make changes.  It could be my inexperience with the app, but thus far after reading a few FAQ and RoomPlanner forums, I have not found a work-around.  You also have a limited variety of finishes for all the furniture, floors and walls.  I’ve found that it’s enough to get by, but this budding designer does love her options…

I’m hoping to find time soon to mess around with SketchUp, see what it has to offer and how it compares.  RoomPlanner is a great down and dirty tool though if you’re just looking to whip up something quick on your iPad while your resting your feet in the living room section of your local Ikea.  Now it’s off to bed before tomorrow’s big purchasing trip.