February Lust List

February has arrived.  And unfortunately for many of  you loyal readers, I hear Punxsutawney Phil prescribed a LONG winter yet to be had.  (To which my Jefe lovingly asked “who is Punxsutawney Phil?!” and I immediately whipped out Groundhog Day.) So while you’re bearing the inches of snow  and blustery wind Mother Nature is still sending your way, cozy up with a cup of hot cocoa and Bailey’s and do a little window shopping with me!

Here are some of my latest design crushes:

February Lust List

1)  West Elm Hexagon Mirror – I’ve had my eye on this puppy for my hall entryway for quite some time and it’s now reduced from $149 to $79.  I may have to convince Jefe that we need to pull the trigger…

2)  West Elm Elton Settee – Although we are not in the market for any sort of love seat, I’m in love with the subtle curved lines, traditional tufting, yet overall modern feel of this piece.  And the blue fabric is to die for!

3)  Nate Berkus Lamp – I can’t believe this beauty will soon be available at Target.  Yet again, Nate Berkus knocks it out of the park with this modern piece of glam.  Look at those lines!  The inner shade’s lining!  GORGEOUS.  Also reminds me of the little Land of Nod lamp I used for my Dorm Room Decor Round Up!

4)  Lulu & Georgia Print – Is there anything Jenna Lyons isn’t right about when it comes to design?!  Now about the $300 price tag of those calf hair leopard flats I want….

5)  Nate Berkus Hexagonal Wood Tray – I’ve already seen this piece explode across the blogosphere and I am totally jumping on the band wagon.  If it had handles, it would already be in my apartment looking for a permanent place to live and corral things.  And after having seen it in person, I honestly was astounded at the quality of the piece for the price.  Bravo, Mr. Berkus.

6)  Sam Edelman Cheetah Loafers – So about those JCrew shoes… I’ve found your younger sister and my wallet loves her so much more.  I happened to see a coworker wearing these with a simple, jersey knit heather grey dress and it was the perfect mix of comfortable chic for the office.  I must have.

7)  Baublebar Slim Bow Pendant – I’m obsessed with costume jewelry lately.  And Baublebar has such fabulous sales (and credit for purchases made) that I never pay full price.  This one had me at hello so I snatched it up for $10.  It’s the perfect accent against my favorite emerald silk blouse.

8)  Magic Carpet Yoga Mat – Yes.  Yes.  Yes.  I’ve been wanting to get back into my yoga practice and this is the PERFECT incentive.

9)  Baggu 13″ Polka Dot Laptop Sleeve – Last weekend I was at the Apple Genius bar for a tune up for the old laptop.  This adorable case caught the corner of my eye.  Five minutes later I was walking out with it.  It also happens to PERFECTLY complement the Baggu I got for Christmas (and yes, I actually kept and have been using the iPad case too!  It’s a perfect little set, although a little tough to get the iPad in and out).

10)  Baggu Small Leather Pouch / Gold – So I’m a little Baggu obsessed right now. But as my wallet won’t fit in my new Kate Spade purse, I need something to corral my cards and (small) amount of cash when I’m on the go.  This gold little pouch would be perfect!

Well there you have it, February’s Lust List.  What are you lusting after these days?


My Favorite Day of the Week!


You see that boys and girls?  That’s the sign that my hood is REALLY coming up in the world (not that it wasn’t already plagued by Hollywood celebrities, overpriced home goods and incredible food).  That, my friends, is the sign that I really need to find a job that pays me more.  Because I am positive I will be one of their best customers.

So with that in mind, this month’s Lust List is completely devoted to the one, the only, my favorite lady with a bow: KATE SPADE.  She’s both uptown, chic and fun with her original collection as well as a little funkier with her new Saturday line.  I just love it all!


  1. Kate Spade Wickford Dachshund Hors D’Oeuvers Patter – I think I need to buy this as a birthday gift for my bestie, the proud owner of a Dachshund named Snickers, IMMEDIATELY.
  2. Kate Spade Saturday Laptop Case in Signature Zig Zag – My Incase laptop case is a boring blue and has seen better days.  What better way to spice up the old MacBook Pro than with a some serious style?!
  3. Kate Spade Say the Word “Skirt the Rules” Dish – I envision this in the apartment of a young, single girl, either mounted over the sink in her kitchen, or as a catch-all on top of her slick, white lacquer dresser.
  4. Kate Spade Saturday Desk Lamp – I am LOVING this  black wire cage desk lamp.  Would have been perfect for my Dorm (Room) Meets Design a few weeks ago.  It could also work perfectly on the right nightstand as a bedside light.
  5. Kate Spade Silver Street “Keep It Together” Paperweight – I DEFINITELY want this puppy for my desk.  It’s useful as well as a cheeky reminder to not let the little stuff get to you.
  6. Kate Spade Hand in Hand Idiom Bangle –  I’ve had my eye on one of these since last Christmas. It’s sweet, a great message for women, and it is also for a great cause.  Kate Spade will donate 25% of the sales from each bangle to Women For Women International who supports women by helping them get a fresh start and rebuild their lives in 8 war-torn countries.  Good look, good price, GREAT cause.
  7. Kate Spade Saturday Square Tote in Painted Check – I am heart this bag for September.  It’s got a color scheme and material make-up that is perfect for a transitional bag from summer to fall.  Carry it with a sundress in these last hot days of summer and then tote it around once you throw on a scarf, jeans and some new booties.  (Yes, I’m dying for a pair of these too!)
  8. Kate Spade Saturday Small Paper Nesting Boxes – You’ve got a bookshelf that needs some pizazz? These little gems will do it.  Stack them or spread them out; use them to hide those bills you’ve been avoiding, the 8 remotes your boyfriend insists you need or leave them empty.  All I know is that they’re crazy good to look at and I’m suddenly reconsidering my color schemes to find a way to fit them in….
  9. Kate Spade Saturday Sloped Glass Vase – This vase is everything that I’ve been looking for.  The slick white glass is fresh and modern with a pop of gold on top.  It would look perfect sitting on a table top or you can splurge on some Gerbers and use the gold top to artfully arrange them.  It would also look perfect in all of those gorgeous blogger home tours I’ve been seeing lately (like here, here and here… have we noticed a white, grey and gold trend?!)
  10. Kate Spade Saturday Morning Mug in Topography – What better way than to start your day with this as your cup?  (I have you singing the Foldgers theme now, don’t I?!)  I love the bright teal print.

Kate Spade also has been doing some stellar things on social media as of late.  Check out their blog, Twitter, and Instagram!

So what are you kids lusting after lately?  I’m dying for some crisp weather and a pumpkin flavored ANYTHING, but these temperatures in Los Angeles have NOT been amenable to my fall-loving ways.  I’m hoping the weather cools off, even a bit, so Jefe will join me at the Rose Bowl Flea Market this weekend!  I may be compelled to buy anything in red, orange, and yellow hues….

August Lust List

I skipped July. I know. You all were waiting with bated breath, and here we are 2/3 of the way through August and I haven’t given you a list of glorious finds to lust after in MONTHS. What can I say? I’m doing the work of 3 people at my day job and that doesn’t leave much time for blogging. Plus I kind of like to see Jefe for 5 minutes before we literally collapse into bed every night from exhaustion.

ANYWAYS, without further ado, I bring you August’s Lust List!


1) Pacific & Rose Table Runner: Last week I hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market again and this stand is the first thing you see to the right when you walk in. Every time I go, I’m always drawn to the block-print textiles. They’re not *quite* Jefe’s style, but I’m obsessed with them nonetheless because they’re so beautiful. The patterns are very Pottery Barn meets India.  Thinking I may have to snag a blue & yellow one for Momma Sny’s dining room.

2) JCrew PJ’s: I used to be the queen of pajamas back in high school and college. Remember Joe Boxer? Yeah, I was his #1 fan. But lately, my pajama drawer has been leaving much to be desired. After being introduced to Amber Interiors thanks to a “behind the blog” feature on Style Me Pretty Living, I was scrolling Amber’s blog and came across her post on Maison Du Soir.   Although I can’t quite afford Maison’s prices, I’m loving the idea of wearing more than a battered t-shirt and some old sweatpants to bed.  Besides, I really need something cute to wear while I’m watching Jefe cook me eggs on the weekend… what can I say?  The man knows his way around a frying pan.

3) H&M Home Tray: It’s black, it’s white, and it’s New York all over.  For these prices, I’ll take the set.  H&M Home has quickly become my newest budget friendly obsession.  If only it was a few inches slimmer, I’d have the perfect spot on my bathroom counter.

4) West Elm Braided Cable Knit Pillow:  India ink is totally my jam.  So much so that we already bought this.  And anything cable knit just reminds me of a crisp fall day back home.  Jefe has been jonesing to add some blue to our otherwise fall-themed living room so I quickly said yes  on our most recent trip to West Elm.  I promised him we were just window shopping…. we left with a large shopping bag. 😉

5) West Elm Zigzag Shower Curtain: Every since Jefe and I picked up this print and these photos, we’ve been wanting a little less modern feel.  So while we were on the aforementioned West Elm trip picking up our cable knit pillow, we grabbed this puppy too.

6) Goyard Classic Tote:  I’ve seen these all over the place lately.  They’re classic in terms of structure and style but now they’re selling them in such bright, modern and fun colors like this blue.  It’s the perfect travel bag for an overnight in Santa Barbara wine country or as your carry-on when making those 48 hour trips to NY on the weekends (or is that just me….)

7) Old Navy Zip-Front Military Jacket: I’ve been lusting after one for these for quite some time.  Now they’re finally back in style and with a vengeance.  Lucky for me, Old Navy has a bunch of them at a fabulous price.  Perfect for those cool, desert nights in LA.

8) Gold Charm Necklace by Mei Elizabeth: Found this incredible jewelry stand at the Rose Bowl last weekend.  The stand had a TON of beautiful gold necklaces.  I had my eye on one just list this, except the charm was a wishbone.  Had I $49 in cash on me, I’d be wearing it right now.  And unfortunately she doesn’t have that particular charm on her Esty site.  Guess I’ll have to go back next month with enough cash.  Live and learn.

So there you have it.  This month’s Lust List.  What have you all been lusting after?  Any new home decor?  Maybe a special piece of jewelry?

June Lust List

As we’re more than half way through June, I figured it was time to share with you this month’s lust list!


  1. Adidas Dragon Shoes: For those that don’t know, Jefe could give Imelda Marcos a run for her money.  He’s got great style and LOVES himself a rocking pair of sneakers.  As I could use some new casual shoes that aren’t flip-flops (and I’m sure Jefe would be thrilled if I upped my game in the kicks department), I’d love a pair of these in Bluebird.
  2. Caitlin Wilson Teal Arrow Pillow: I am loving this new pattern from Caitlin Wilson.  Her newest line is bright, happy and perfect for summer.  I love this pattern in particular but may go with more of a traditional blue version as an accent for our bedroom.
  3. Ray-ban Wayfarers: These will always be a classic.  And I could use a pair of sunnies that are both stylish, classic, and don’t get caught in my mess of frizzy hair when I plop them on the top of my head this summer.  That East Coast humidity during vacay can be brutal.
  4. Merona Relaxed Bermuda Shorts: I love me some New England preppy style, particularly for summer.  On a recent trip through Target, I was browsing for a summer dress and came across these in a a fun orange print.  And the lobsters had me at hello.  They’re already in my closet.
  5. Bathroom Faucet Photos: After Jefe picked up this old Gillette print for the bathroom, I decided we needed some matching artwork for the opposite wall.  I found these great black & white photos from Etsy.  They’re simple, fit the new bathroom style and didn’t break the bank.
  6. Ezeiza Weekender Bag:  Found this guy on One Kings Lane.  It’s just begging to be taken to wine country for the weekend.  I love that it is unisex so Jefe or I could grab it for a quick getaway.
  7. Asymmetrical Mini Letter Necklace: I’m in desperate need of a new gold necklace.  I’m also a sucker for anything monogrammed.  Thank you BaubleBar for this little beauty.  Kate Spade’s new line Saturday also has a similar, slightly less expensive version.
  8. Crate & Barrel Paterson Black Two-Door Cabinet: The credit for this find has to go to Jefe.  He got the itch a few months ago to replace our tv stand with a Paterson, which we did.  And now that we have this fancy new piece of furniture, we’ve got the itch to keep at the upgrades.  We’d love to get this cabinet to replace our old Ikea dresser that we’ve been using as storage in the living room.

May Lust List

Today I bring you this month’s Lust List.  As the temperatures have started to rise here in LA, I’ve started to get an itch for all things summer: sandals, sundresses, and TRAVEL.  Though the travel part may honestly have as much to do with the temperatures as it does with me finally renewing my passport.  Or it could just be the fact that, as of late, I’ve been booking a LOT of other people’s travel at work (Cannes to be exact).  Nonetheless, I am dying to jet off to a beach somewhere, be it Hermosa in LA, the Jersey shore, or the crisp white beaches of the French Riviera.  So this month’s list is a bit more focused on summer travel necessities with a few home goods thrown in for good measure.

1)     JCrew Farmer’s Market Tote.  So classic, simple, and useful.  And it’s versatile enough to lay flat in your suitcase, ready to be pulled out for day trips to the beach or boardwalk.

2)     Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals.  Unlike comparable gladiator-type sandals, these have serious cushion.  No flat footed sandals for me.  I’ve bought a new pair every year, usually in a different color.  Last year’s were silver, this year I’m feeling something a bit shinier….

3)     Banana Republic Safari Shirtdress.  I’m obsessed with shirt dresses.  It may have something to do with Rachel McAdam’s wardrobe in Midnight in Paris… I just can’t get enough!


(Photo compilation courtesy of Good Girl Inc.  which has a good breakdown of how to recreate this look)

4)     Muttropolis Marine Print Lounge Dog Bed.  My puppy fever is in full swing.  We’re still figuring out the details of when a furry little thing will call our place home, but I can not WAIT for that day to come.  So I might as well be fully prepared.

5)     Fine Art America’s Gillette Razor 1904 Print.  Jefe found this on a recent trip to The Art of Shaving.  He came home and decided it was just what our master bathroom needed.

6)     C.Wonder Golden Chevron Highball Glasses.  I’ve been working on revamping our bar area.  Nothing like a little old-school swank to add some glamour to an otherwise dull corner of our dining room.

7)     Kate Spade Harrison Street Passport Holder.  Are we noticing a gold theme lately?!  You can’t be an international jet setter without a truly elegant passport holder.

And coming up next I’ve got that reader Q & A I teased about yesterday.  Can’t wait to share with you guys!