Measure twice, buy once…

With all the projects I’ve been working on lately, I’ve been carrying around quite a few tools:

  • My iPad – Between blogging and designing, it’s super useful to have on the road especially now that I can turn my iPhone in to wifi hotspot.
  • Tape measure – I’ve learned more times than I care to admit the value of measuring twice, cut (or buy) once.  And when it comes to furniture, you do NOT want to have to return something that you can’t easily lift with your own two hands.

But here’s the dilemma: my purse has doubled in weight.  Now, I can’t change the heft of the iPad.  So my 3 lb tape measure it will have to be.

Luckily, while picking up the last few things we needed for Jefe’s parents’ guest room, I found this little guy for $1.29.  Can’t beat that, right?!


That was Sunday.  And then THIS happened on Tuesday, courtesy of Design*Sponge.  It’s a tiny tape measure, looks FABULOUS and is in my new favorite color EMERALD.  Thank God it’s a whopping $80, or I would have dropped what I was doing and ordered one immediately.


Maybe Santa will be extra generous with the tiny stocking gifts this year?