May Lust List

Today I bring you this month’s Lust List.  As the temperatures have started to rise here in LA, I’ve started to get an itch for all things summer: sandals, sundresses, and TRAVEL.  Though the travel part may honestly have as much to do with the temperatures as it does with me finally renewing my passport.  Or it could just be the fact that, as of late, I’ve been booking a LOT of other people’s travel at work (Cannes to be exact).  Nonetheless, I am dying to jet off to a beach somewhere, be it Hermosa in LA, the Jersey shore, or the crisp white beaches of the French Riviera.  So this month’s list is a bit more focused on summer travel necessities with a few home goods thrown in for good measure.

1)     JCrew Farmer’s Market Tote.  So classic, simple, and useful.  And it’s versatile enough to lay flat in your suitcase, ready to be pulled out for day trips to the beach or boardwalk.

2)     Sam Edelman Gigi Sandals.  Unlike comparable gladiator-type sandals, these have serious cushion.  No flat footed sandals for me.  I’ve bought a new pair every year, usually in a different color.  Last year’s were silver, this year I’m feeling something a bit shinier….

3)     Banana Republic Safari Shirtdress.  I’m obsessed with shirt dresses.  It may have something to do with Rachel McAdam’s wardrobe in Midnight in Paris… I just can’t get enough!


(Photo compilation courtesy of Good Girl Inc.  which has a good breakdown of how to recreate this look)

4)     Muttropolis Marine Print Lounge Dog Bed.  My puppy fever is in full swing.  We’re still figuring out the details of when a furry little thing will call our place home, but I can not WAIT for that day to come.  So I might as well be fully prepared.

5)     Fine Art America’s Gillette Razor 1904 Print.  Jefe found this on a recent trip to The Art of Shaving.  He came home and decided it was just what our master bathroom needed.

6)     C.Wonder Golden Chevron Highball Glasses.  I’ve been working on revamping our bar area.  Nothing like a little old-school swank to add some glamour to an otherwise dull corner of our dining room.

7)     Kate Spade Harrison Street Passport Holder.  Are we noticing a gold theme lately?!  You can’t be an international jet setter without a truly elegant passport holder.

And coming up next I’ve got that reader Q & A I teased about yesterday.  Can’t wait to share with you guys!


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