Mother’s Day

Let me start out with stating the obvious: I have the world’s best mom. She’s amazing, thoughtful, and still spoils me with care packages filled with Pennsylvania goodies like apple butter and homemade chocolates. She misses driving her mini-van and still carries snacks and baby wipes everywhere even though all of the kids have been out of the house for quite some time. She’s just one awesome lady who will forever affectionately be known to all of my friends as Momma Sny despite a name change years ago. So Mom, this post goes out to you. It’s been too long since I got to share this day with you and hope that won’t last forever.


But Momma Sny isn’t the only awesome mother in our lives. Gloria, my Jefe’s mom, is pretty stellar too. So we decided to treat her and Jefe’s dad, Harry, to a little brunch at our place.

I was hoping to really pull out all the stops on the table setting to show you all some new ideas for setting your own, however, in the vein of keeping it real with you all, life got in the way. Specifically, Django, some ice cream, and a date on the couch with my Jefe on Saturday night.

But I did at least set the table and threw out a vase of my favorites: hydrangeas.


For the observant bunch, you’ll also notice we hung some new (well, new in that it’s finally out of the moving box) art, and my little chalk board from Rejuvenation.

Jefe and I also made a happy discovery: in extending our table to make more space for brunch, we had to place the table parallel to our dresser and island. Low and behold, the bigger table actually makes the room feel bigger! Maybe it had to do with the chairs previously being on an angle (out of necessity to access our bedroom and dresser drawers). Or maybe the matching parallel lines just gives it a cleaner, less cluttered feel despite the use of MORE floor space. Whatever it is, Jefe and I have decided to keep the set up for the time being. A bonus – with the table extended, we can actually push all of the chairs in! More space for us. #winning

In other news, we purged our puppy fund yesterday. And no, we do not have a little fur ball of joy headed our way. Our mattress, which I payed a pretty penny for only 5 years ago, is officially a piece of crap. It’s amazing how down hill it’s gone just in the last few weeks. It’s gotten to the point that Jefe looks forward to his business trips just so he can sleep on a bed without the Grand Canyon running through the middle. So alas, our puppy fund went towards making our backs much happier and putting a kabosh on a dog for the time being.  Insert sad face.

But don’t think for one minute that I’ve stopped looking at pictures of cockapoos and dog beds ;-).



3 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. Where did you get your dishes? I love how simple they are – they complement the rest of the table setting perfectly, adding interest but not overpowering it. Nice work, Little!


    • Dishes are actually from Ikea! I got a set of 6 place settings for $16 (including dinner plates, salad plates and bowls) about 3 years ago. They’re simple and white so useful for anything, cheap and they’ve actually held up really well. Highly recommend. Placemats and napkins are West Elm.


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