Arrggg… A Pirate’s Room For Me

Today I have a special treat for you – SWS’s first kids room!  One of my oldest friends, Kelley, is pregnant with her second child.  As their current nursery is gender neutral, they plan to keep it as is and create a new room for their two-year-old son, Easton.  Kelley was in the preliminary planning stages and mentioned the idea of a pirate themed room for her rambunctious little guy.  So I took the idea and ran with it.

Now a word of warning – themed rooms can be tricky.  You want to incorporate the theme in a way that it is clear what that theme is, but without overpowering the room.  And kids room in particular can be difficult to walk on the right side of that line.  Can anyone say Disney Princess overload???

With that in mind, I’ve created a pirate-themed space that is a little more sophistaced than your average space for a two-year-old.  But what this will allow Kelley to do is a create a room for Easton that he can grow in; he won’t get sick of pirates that quickly with this type of styling.  And if he does, it’s an easy fix to incorporate whatever his next great love will be (Jefe and I are taking bets that it will be baseball…)  It’s truly a room that will grow with him.

So without further ado, I present Easton’s Pirate Room (and please excuse the 3 throw pillow options; I know that’s excessive for a kids room, but I just love them all and couldn’t decide!).  As Kelley’s on a budget, all items are sourced from low-cost home decor options like Ikea, Target and Etsy:


  1. Target Threshold Carson Bookshelf – Every kids room needs a space for classics like Dr. Seuss
  2. Target Threshold Global Large Milk Crate – Toy storage
  3. Ikea Margareta Rug – What is it about red stripes that make you think pirate?
  4. Little Tykes Play ‘N Scoot Pirate Ship – Obligatory age-appropriate pirate toy
  5. Target Threshold Alicia Round Storage Basket – More storage.  These baskets are amazing.  We have 2 and are huge fans.  They just hold so much stuff.
  6. Rosenberry Rooms Embroidered Pirate Ship Pillow – Ok, so this is pricey for a pillow at $79, but it’s perfect for the room’s style.
  7. Etsy Whale Pillow Cover – A little nautical paraphanalia
  8. Ikea Benzy Land Throw Pillow – Great inexpensive pillow option
  9. BBB Chatham Quilt by Nautica – Great bedding for a boys room that can work for a variety of ages and interests
  10. Etsy Play like a Pirate Poster – I LOVE this art.  I think it perfectly describes a little boy, particularly Easton.
  11. Paper Source Cavallini Hemisphere Map Wrapping Paper – I’ve actually been wanting this to hang above Jefe and I’s long desk if we had the space.  It’s just a giant individual piece of wrapping paper with finished edges.  But it’s on great high-quality paper and feels like an old-school map.

So what do you guys think?  Anyone working on any themed rooms?  Or do you suddenly want to talk like a pirate? (If so, there’s actually a day for that… September 19.  Don’t ask how I know.)


7 thoughts on “Arrggg… A Pirate’s Room For Me

  1. This looks awesome for a boys room! Definitely something to grow into, and really adaptable to a change in theme-especially baseball. Plus, it’s eye-pleasing for the adults while he’s growing (let’s be honest, as long as there are toys, the 2 year old probably doesn’t care what the room looks like). Personally, I would add pirate flags to the posts of the bed just at this really young stage, but that may be taking it to cheese-ville (we all know moderation is not my forte). Another great SWS creation!


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