Pop Goes the… Pipe?

For those that have been following via social media (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) will know, I spent the vast majority of my weekend working on my first “real” gig as a production designer. I plan on giving you all the full rundown on that in the coming weeks.

While on set, I was working on some great posts for you all between takes including Ali & Justin’s Great Merge Part 2, another reader Q & A from my mid-century modern loving friend Christy, as well as my Top 10 List of Tools on the Go. But in lieu of finishing those up for you all last night, Jefe and I came home to a bit of a mess…

I was greeted at my own front door by our apartment building repairman, informing me that the pipe under our sink had burst, and had been spraying water ALL DAY. Thank God another neighbor noticed it was leaking in the garage down below or it could have gotten a LOT worse. As it was, when I walked in, I noticed a solid inch of water in some places, and it covered the floor in the kitchen, parts of the entryway and nice 2 foot pool by the entry to our living room. Not exactly what you’re hoping to find at home after a long day at the office.

And mind you, this is not 2 months after we resolved our SECOND leaky washer situation (we’ve basically been fighting with our in-unit washer and dryer since we moved in; I’ve spared you the mundane and infuriating details). Needless to say, I’ve seen our repairman WAY more than I ever imagined possible since we moved to this apartment. But one thing I will say is that they are prompt. And yet, despite all of our issues, I think Jefe and I still would have chosen this place over our last apartment where things were just left broken. Our current landlord actually cares if we’re happy in our home, which definitely goes a long way when you’re dealing with so many issues.

Anyways, moral of the story is that posting may be a little later & slimmer this week due to water-damage difficulties. Please excuse us for this temporary interruption….

And here’s a little glimpse of the awesome time Jefe and I were having at 10:30pm tonight: cleaning out our water soaked, mildewy cabinet under our sink. I didn’t even bother to get a picture of the puddles of water; I was so worried about cleaning that up as quickly as possible before it dribbled its way to our desk and the 15,000 cords we have dangling on the floor.


So that’s how we spent our night. Hope everyone else’s was much less eventful!


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