…And the Reno Continues…

Take a gander at our beautiful new (albeit laminate) wood floors! Aren’t they great?!



Now, you see that blue x of painter’s tape? That would be the warped board they failed to replace yesterday.  It also happens to the damaged board that was furthest in to the room. And the one we MARKED yesterday with painter’s tape. Le sigh.

The thing is, it’s a tiny spot that’s only warped right where it meets the wall… And it will be hidden under our desk. But shouldn’t the point be that they totally just goofed yesterday despite our best efforts to both mark it and with me pointing it out IN PERSON when the flooring guys first arrived?

Needless to say the reno that was supposed to be done tonight may last in to the weekend. In order to fix the board, they have to pull up EVERYTHING they did yesterday. Ugh.

In addition to the living room, they had to rip up the wood in the entryway of the kitchen, washer & dryer unit, and the front bathroom.  That section was warped during the Great Washing Machine War of 2012-2013.  Luckily they’ve decided to replace it with the same tile that is in the kitchen and bathrooms instead of of the laminate.  We honestly can’t blame them for that because if the washer were to leak again, they’d be dealing with warped laminate flooring.  For a third time.  Since we moved in 10 months ago.  So here’s what my entryway looked like at 9am this morning anxiously awaiting new tile:


So Jefe and I have been thinking of ways to spend an entire Saturday outside the house as I am doubtful the work will be done tonight. Thinking we may finally knock a few movies off our must-see list and try a new restaurant… I mean what else are you supposed to do on a June Gloom-filled Saturday in SoCal?  Happy Friday everyone!


2 thoughts on “…And the Reno Continues…

  1. Further proof that reno never ever EVER takes the amount of time you expected/hoped. Reed bought his house in February. Should have been about a month, MAYBE a month and a half of work. Here we are midway through June and we are ALMOST at the point of being able to move in…but luckily we’re not having to live in the house with the reno-definitely frustrating, I feel for you. Just remember it will all be worth it in the end!


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