On a More Personal Note…

So today, I’m going a little off topic as I have something personal I’d like to share in hopes that by sharing it with all of you, it will help keep me accountable for the future :-D.

I was always a pudgy kid. Never obese, just always a little rounder, a little curvier than my peers. My weight was always an ongoing battle – from being made fun of on the playground to being encouraged to put down the book and go outside to play while at home. Over the years, the weight would fluctuate – sophomore year of high school was awesome as miraculously 20 lbs just dropped right off. And then came college. And a year of working in not one but 2 restaurants. And graduate school. More ups and downs. And then came a REALLY stressful job in Hollywood. At times, it just felt like a battle that I may never win. Some days I looked in the mirror and loved what I saw: I had a rocking head of auburn hair and I was ok with not being stick thin. Other days, my confidence was not so resounding.


I joined Weight Watchers as a freshman in college and I’ve been on and off the program more times than I can count. When on plan, I’ve been super successful (we’re talking 40lbs people!), but I’ve let it slip over the last two years. Frustrated with more than just my weight, I have recently recommitted to getting healthy. It’s one of the few things in my crazy, ridiculous life that I can actually control, which I’ll admit has been much easier said than done, but here I am. Sharing with you all in hopes it will keep me motivated.

For anyone else out there counting points (or not) or just looking for some peer support, feel free to shoot me a note as I’d love to chat. The times when I’ve been the most successful were when I had a buddy to do the program with. Since moving to LA 6 years ago, I have yet to really find my Weight Watchers buddy. Any takers?

This has been something I’ve felt has controlled me my whole life and at a time when I’m finally realizing that I can’t control everything (shocker), this is something I can take action to get a hold of once and for all. The big 3-0 is in my sights and I have a lot I’d like to accomplish before it wakes up and smacks me in the face this December.

This blog is mainly a place for me to share my decorating advice with my small little corner of the world, but in the future from time to time, I may share the occasional story, recipe, or piece of motivation on my journey to finally getting healthy and feeling better about myself.

In that vein, this little article popped up today and served as a little bit of humorous motivation for me. So I’m sharing it with all of you. I really enjoyed Ana Gasteyer’s honesty and Weight Watchers-inspired humorous twist on a classic song. Enjoy!


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