There’s No Place Like Home

Let’s start off with a little update of good news – the refrigerator fit…. BARELY.  But it’s in and NEVER MOVING AGAIN.  I literally spent last weekend stocking and restocking the thing; I cooked up a storm!  It was glorious.


And you know why I wanted to cook up a storm?  Because this place just feels like home.  From the first night we spent here, it just feels right; this is the place where we’re meant to be at this moment in time. Every day I wake up and I don’t want to leave my bed (more than usual!); at the end of the day I find myself rushing home.  I just want to BE here.  It’s definitely somewhere we can be for awhile.

This is a new sensation.  I’ve never lived somewhere in my adult life that just feels like home, especially since I’ve moved to LA.  It’s a great feeling.  And the french doors don’t hurt.

And as the home is not quite blog-worthy yet, here’s just a little sneak preview to tide you over!





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