The West of Elm

Jefe’s least favorite part about our new hood – we have a West Elm 2 BLOCKS AWAY.  How have I lived the previous 28 years of my life without this magnificent beacon of home decor so close?!  I am obsessed.  It’s a problem.  Jefe may or may not be looking in to WEAA – West Elm Addicts Anonymous.  Thankfully, the ole budget won’t allow me to take home the store and I’m positive that I’m too freakin slow to try and grab a throw pillow and make a run for it.

With all that said, I did a little bit of window shopping this past weekend.  Below are some of the highlights:

Mercury glass and owls are my new crack.  I just can’t get enough of either.  Apparently, neither can West Elm.  I bought the little guy on the left, Hootie, on a previous trip:

So I was hunting down a companion for him.  (Jefe already vetoed Hootie’s bigger brother, who is on the right).  I ended up with this little votive that looks like a tree trunk:

Then I ventured over to the wall ‘o pillows.  I was searching for something to replace a recently failed no-sew pillow cover project.  I came across these two hand sewn favorites:


I do, however, have a trouble spending so much money on something with “throw” in it’s name.  Same goes for these warm-hued blankets (anything fall-colored is my jam) that would look amazing on my couch.  Unfortunately they were also not machine washable which is kind of a necessity in my book.


Then I ventured up to the kitchen section.  I found these woodland creatures that I’m trying to convince Jefe, (aka-Cookie Monster) to let me adopt.  They also still have this tea towel that I might as well shell out the $9 it costs for the amount of times I’ve looked at it.


Then on my way out, I was magnetically drawn to the shiny objects.   How I wish I had a place big enough for fancy holiday parties that required such beautiful dish and glassware…


It’s all just so pretty….. I need the sale fairies to show up pronto.