Dorm Meets Design

…And Sledge is back with a vengeance!

Let’s talk college. For those of us who have been there, we all remember the grueling late nights of studying (or rehearsing for us theater folk), the horrible cafeteria options and the dorms. Oh the dorms. That ridiculous rite of passage where by you’re forced to live with a perfect stranger for 9-10 months and cram your entire life into a poorly lit space the size of a shoe box.

Well for you new readers, I promise you there’s hope. Your first year does NOT have to consist of you gaining the freshman 15 and sleeping in a drafty room that reminds you of where Martha spent a year in West Virginia.

No matter how many times you’ve scoured your school’s website and Google Image searched, you really have no idea what kind of space you are walking in to. Maybe a little something like this:

Empty Dorm


Or worse:

Empty Dorm 2


But there are plenty of tips, tricks and advice towards making this cement block of a space feel like home.

The key to really enjoying your space is making it comfortable. That starts with the piece of furniture you’re going to spend most of your time in: the bed. Let’s start with support – a solid mattress pad and an egg crate are musts. Egg crate you ask? Yes, you can thank me later. Those mattresses are likely very uncomfortable and any extra cushion will be appreciated.

Good sheets are just as important. I’d recommend going a step up in the quality department. Seriously. Those college nights can be long, no matter what you’re doing and you’ll love coming home to a bed that doesn’t like it came out of Van Wilder.  Personally, Jefe and I loved our Striped Sheet Set from West Elm.  They’re extremely soft and held up really well after 2 years of solid use.

West Elm Striped Sheet Set

Comforters and duvets should be washable. Trust me. This will be your bed, couch, study spot, dinner table, and dance floor all in one. Spills are bound to happen. In terms of style, I’d pick something that’s uniquely you without screaming “Star Wars is my jam!” Going a little bit more sophisticated never hurt anyone.   A moderately priced duvet may be your best best as it’s washable and can be swapped out if you tire of it.  This actually was my duvet eons ago, in a bit more a sage color, and it was worth every penny; it got softer with every washing and paired nicely with the buttery yellow walls of my bedroom in our sorority house.  To pair with those great striped sheets, you could try a luxurious, yet neutral option from H&M’s new home line:

H&M Duvet Cover

Now lets talk pillows. As I suggested, that bed is going to get some serious use (wink wink). So besides your usual pillows, I would get a few “decorative” ones that can serve multiple purposes. I’ve found bigger European and body pillows are best and can turn any bed in to a couch or help create an extra seat on the floor.

Bed to Sofa


Luckily, floor pillows are all the rage so it should be easy to find something in your particular taste.  I’m a big fan of these floor cushions that would work great as a backrest on  your bed or tossed on the floor for added seating.

World Market Floor Pillow

Lastly, I would add a throw blanket. It can be folded at the end of the bed, draped over the foot rail or used for extra warmth in cold months (or to cover your new best friend who fell asleep on your floor after a late night out).  And it adds a homey touch to an otherwise cold room.

Dorm Bed with throw


After move-in day and you’ve had the chance to spend some time in your space, you can always look in to some DIY options for headboards. Is it necessary? No. Will it help make the space feel like it’s more yours and less like a cement cell? Definitely.   There are plenty of options from large wall decals to simple pieces of foam and fabric-wrapped wood that would really take your room up a notch. You’d be amazed what batting your eyes at that upper-class man with a pick-up truck will get you. Usually a free trip to Home Depot for the wood for your DIY project AND an invite to his house party later that night ;-).  Alternatively, you could go the wall decal route:

DIY Decal Headboard


While researching this post, I also came across this great new invention: over the bed storage that can also double as a “headboard”.  You can customize the back wall with decorative paper or fabric and a little modge podge.  It also gives you some much needed storage above your bed for those photos of your besties from back home.

Overbed storage 2


Overbed storage


Lets talk lighting. Quite possibly the worst part of dorm life – those horrendous overhead fluorescents that make your skin look green. So we are going to TURN. THEM. OFF. Lamps are your best friends. It’s safe to say that you’ll need a minimum of 2 to truly avoid the overhead: one for your desk exclusively and one for the rest of the living space. And your eyes will thank you for that soft white light while you’re cranking away during a marathon study session. It will also give your space a great, homey atmosphere that will be the envy of all your hallmates. I would recommend a style that could easily transition to a first apartment so you’re not buying something as a temporary solution.

PB Teen Task Lamp


Land of Nod lamp


And that rule applies for just about everything other than those extra long twin sheets that you will most certainly never use again: purchase for longevity.  My third year of college I bought a queen size duvet for my twin bed; my only regret was not doing it 2 years earlier.   I manage to found one that was great quality (without breaking my budget),  so I was able to keep it for the long haul and still use it today.

Desk space. Lets get creative. Do you really need that plain mesh pencil cup from Office Depot? How about a pretty monogrammed mug from CWonder instead? It serves the same purpose but gives you a little panache.

CWonder Mug


I think the same can be applied for just about anything: why choose a plain notebook when you can get one covered in chevrons that makes you smile every time you look at it? Or how about a cork board covered in fabric? Maybe some DIY bookends (kids still use actual books, right? Or am I that old?!)

CB2 Bookends

These are from CB2 but could EASILY be DIY’ed

The point is, take this as an opportunity to really exercise your imagination in how you can really put your stamp on the space so it’s as inviting as possible.

Storage. You’re gonna need more, no matter who you are. Unless you’re one of those lucky kids that gets an apartment in their first year and are spared this form of mild university-condoned hazing, you will inevitably need some form of storage beyond the blond wood, 30 year old dresser you’re issued. Once you’ve spent some time in your space, figured out what fits where and what still needs a home, plan that trip to your local Target (or if you’re one of the lucky kids near a city, a nearby Ikea). Modern, design savvy storage has come a long way since the standard clear plastic bins of my college years. Below are some suggestions:

Ikea Cart


World Market Rolling Locker


(Drink cart anyone?! For your bottles of Diet Coke…)

Closet storage is pretty straightforward.  Just find the things that work for you and your space.  3M hooks can be a lifesaver as are those hangers that can hold 4 pairs of pants at once.  I also used to drape my scarves over hangers to save space.

Lastly, let’s talk food. Yes, I know you’ve got a meal plan. But there will inevitebly be those times that you’re just sick of the cafeteria’s chicken parm or you really want a late night snack and don’t feel like leaving the building. For this, I’d recommend one full set of dishware. We’re talking real metal silverware kids. As for the plates, melamine has come a LONG way and there are so many cute options now. Just make sure that yours is microwavable as you never know when you want to heat up some leftovers or make a bowl of soup. Yes, you will have to wash them, but there’s just something nice about having something to call your own that is semi-permanent. And besides – you don’t have the space to hoard stacks of paper plates and cups.

Now for some inspiration of some epic dorm room design:

Boho Bold Glam

Boho Glam


This is probably the most shared, epic dorm room design I’ve ever seen.

Minimal Glam

Minimal Glam

Simple and Classy Room

So simple and easy!  A rug, some art, a pedestal, a plant and a new bookshelf.

Sorority Girl Room

For the bright and bubbly sorority girl

Traditionally Masculin

Traditional and masculin.  Love the suitcases for some under the bed storage!

As you can see, dorm room decorating has come a long way.  So here are two great examples of how to do a blue dorm room, on a budget, in different styles to really make your space your own:





Santa’s Grab Bag

So apparently this was the year of the accessory.  My birthday/Christmas list was a good mix of home decor, reading material and some much-needed clothing & accessories.  I have to admit that Santa, particularly his little elf Jefe, was very good to me.  I was shocked at how generous.  I’m one lucky girl 😀

Christmas Loot JPG1.  Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design – I’m SO excited to read this book.  I’ve been a fan of hers, particularly her West Elm collection, for quite some time.  She’s got such simple, soothing, but interesting patterns.

2.  The Handbuilt Home – John & Sherry are big fans.  And anyone they like is worth a second look.  Unfortunately for Jefe, I now want to bust out a power saw and turn our balcony into a woodshed.  I blame all of those years at CMU building booths.  Obligatory booth post here (yes, I helped make that….):


3.  Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Ornaments – Mercury Glass.  Christmas Ornaments.  Could it get any better?  Only if you add jingle bells…..

4.  Sleigh Bell Embroidered Table Runner – It had me at hello jingle jingle.

5 & 6.  Michael Kors Runway Watch (silver & gold) – Not one but two pieces of bling.  Hearts to my Jefe, mom & my stepdad Jeff, and Jefe’s parents.

7.  LLBean’s Wicked Good Slippers – Even in LA, those hardwood and tile floors get downright chilly at night.  Cold toes need fuzzy slippers.  Even Jefe agreed to be twinsies for once.

8.  JCrew Striped Knit Infinity Scarf (no longer available) – It’s so freaking cozy, already wrapped to the perfect length and it has NO ENDS!  I’m in love.  I had to go buy more navy blue just so I can wear it more often.

9.  Target/Neiman Marcus Marc Jacobs Cashmere Blend Scarf – I picked it up and put it down a solid 10 times the week before my birthday.  I was so worried that they would sell out like they did with the Missoni collection.  So Jefe insisted I just leave it in the cart… (although now that I see it’s still there and on clearance for $40 cheaper, I feel a bit like a sucker…. but I do LOVE it).

So there you have it.  The birthday/Christmas 2012 rundown, full of holiday decor, classic design, and some fancy but necessary pieces of awesomeness.

The West of Elm

Jefe’s least favorite part about our new hood – we have a West Elm 2 BLOCKS AWAY.  How have I lived the previous 28 years of my life without this magnificent beacon of home decor so close?!  I am obsessed.  It’s a problem.  Jefe may or may not be looking in to WEAA – West Elm Addicts Anonymous.  Thankfully, the ole budget won’t allow me to take home the store and I’m positive that I’m too freakin slow to try and grab a throw pillow and make a run for it.

With all that said, I did a little bit of window shopping this past weekend.  Below are some of the highlights:

Mercury glass and owls are my new crack.  I just can’t get enough of either.  Apparently, neither can West Elm.  I bought the little guy on the left, Hootie, on a previous trip:

So I was hunting down a companion for him.  (Jefe already vetoed Hootie’s bigger brother, who is on the right).  I ended up with this little votive that looks like a tree trunk:

Then I ventured over to the wall ‘o pillows.  I was searching for something to replace a recently failed no-sew pillow cover project.  I came across these two hand sewn favorites:


I do, however, have a trouble spending so much money on something with “throw” in it’s name.  Same goes for these warm-hued blankets (anything fall-colored is my jam) that would look amazing on my couch.  Unfortunately they were also not machine washable which is kind of a necessity in my book.


Then I ventured up to the kitchen section.  I found these woodland creatures that I’m trying to convince Jefe, (aka-Cookie Monster) to let me adopt.  They also still have this tea towel that I might as well shell out the $9 it costs for the amount of times I’ve looked at it.


Then on my way out, I was magnetically drawn to the shiny objects.   How I wish I had a place big enough for fancy holiday parties that required such beautiful dish and glassware…


It’s all just so pretty….. I need the sale fairies to show up pronto.