Happy 2013!!

Happy New Year everyone! My apologies for the radio silence during the month of December but the Sledge has had a LOT going on, namely starting a new job! Now that we’ve made it through the insanity that was my birthday, starting said new job, the holiday season and a week plus on the East Coast with family, I’m raring to get back at it.

And I have some great upcoming projects planned for you all including a MUCH overdue post on our holiday decor, another room overhaul at Jefe’s parents’ house as well as my first bathroom project! In addition, I’ve made a 2013 blog resolution: you’re going to get a lot more Sledge, and much more consistently this year.

Since I’ve started this blog, although it was only a short time ago, I’ve discovered how much I love it. I love me some good design and I really do love writing. So here’s to a new year, a new me, and a new(ish) blog!

And just as a little teaser, here’s what I’ve got coming for you on Monday:




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