…but first sir, I think a shave.

After the crazy hours Jefe and I have been working, we decided to bag all formal plans for Saturday and take it easy. After sleeping well past our usual wake up call, I did a little work on an upcoming lighting project (which I can’t wait to share with you all later this week) and he invested some serious time in to searching for a new, local barber. Living in West Hollywood, most everything he found was a bit trendy (and pricey compared to the usual $20 he pays at the place in Culver City he’s been going to since he was 16).


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)

I was all set to have some girl time at the nail salon but threw caution to the wind and decided to join him when he showed me a picture of the place he had settled on, Baxter Finley.


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)

It was 5 blocks from our place so we decided to walk, which we’ve been trying to do as much as possible in our new neighborhood (we clearly are not life-long Angelenos….)

The place was gorgeous. Exposed beams and brickwork, both original to the building. Crisp, white subway tile and beautiful vintage display cases for their uber-chic manly hair products (why men need such expensive hair gel, I will never know). The wide-plank, dark hardwood floors were covered in antique-looking Persian rugs.


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)

Each barber’s chair looked brand new but was made to look vintage. There was not a lot on the walls other than large mirrors, but above the register was a great old portrait of George Washington and some other guy with a frilly shirt.


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)

But I think my two favorite parts of the place were the line of wooden folding chairs out front like an old barber shop and the German Architecture Digest I choose (which was as utilitarian and full of straight lines as one would expect) over the Vanity Fair that was handed to me. Not to mention the 6-year-old who was a little too chic getting his hair coiffed a few chairs down from Jefe.


(photo courtesy of Baxter Finley)

I chatted up the woman behind the register, presumably the owner/manager, who mentioned her brother designed the place. All in all, it was a gorgeous old-school barber shop. And Jefe said the hair cut wasn’t too bad either; the guy was good, the right amount of chatty and overall customer service was great.

And bonus points to anyone who knows the title reference.