Isn’t It Pinteresting?

It’s been way too long since I gave you all some pure, unadulterated eye candy and random musings on the world so that’s what you’ve got today while I’m hopping a cross-country flight back to La-La-Land. I’ll be back later later this week with my usual recap of Ellen’s Design Challenge.

Let’s start with a little Pinterest visual stimulation (all the images below can be found on my Pinterest page). Here are some of the things I’ve been drooling over lately:


EHenderson Bedroomsource

HouseB Eric Stonestreetsource

ATherapy Bedroomsource

CasaSugar Bedroomsource


White Kitchen Blue Tilesource

Design Sponge Kitchen Redosource

Grey Kitchen Cabinets Wood Shelvessource

Warm Wood with rugsource

What’s Cooking In The Kitchen
Speaking of kitchens….. after Jefe noticed a bunch of our nonstick pots and pans chipping, we decided it was time for some replacements. I did a little research and turns out Sur La Table, my new favorite place to spend any and all extra cash, sells some of the highest quality sets for under $250.

Sur La Table Cookwaresource

Thanks to a sale and a leftover gift card from Christmas, we brought a new set home last weekend. I also happened to pick up a copy of The Joy of Cooking finally, so naturally I figured the combination of my new purchases would instantly turn me in to Julia Child.

Later that night I discovered I wasn’t that far off the mark: I whipped up one of the most delicious meals I’ve ever made. Chicken piccata with a side of green beans almondine. Although now I think I’ve raised Jefe’s standards a little too high for the amount of time I actually have to spend in the kitchen…

Chicken Piccata with Green Beans Almondine

Fashion Forward
Have any of you been following the latest fashion trend? The industry is FINALLY starting to take notice of the completely untapped resource of plus size consumers. From ModCloth’s amazing commitment to equal opportunity sizing and the wealth of plus-size fashion bloggers to Target’s latest Ava & Viv collection, women of all sizes are finally being given fashion-forward clothing options. I love the new Swimsuits For All ad campaign; who needs a Victoria’s Secret Angel when you can have Ashley Graham? Makes me *almost* brave enough to try out one of their high-waisted bikinis. Almost.

Swimsuits For Allsource

And as a result of this new trend, I’ve discovered some new blogs that I’m loving! Nicolette Mason in particular is my new current fav. Girl’s got sass and style that does not quit!

A little light reading…..
I love the Kindle app on my iPad. I’ve found myself reading so much more, especially since it can sync will all my devices. Waiting in line at the grocery store? No problem! You’ve got time to crank out another few paragraphs. The downside? Since you don’t have a physical book and its 800 pages literally staring you in the face, it’s all too easy to get sucked in to a book without fully realizing the commitment that you’re making.

Case in point: thanks to all the great feminist reviews of Starz’ new series Outlander and me without access to the channel, I decided to start reading the book. Literally THOUSANDS of pages and 6 books later, I’m fully engrossed in the series with at least another 2 books and a few more THOUSANDS pages to go. But damn is it good – Claire is the most incredibly fierce female character I’ve read in a LONG time.  And the hot Scot playing her 18th century love doesn’t hurt either… Example #1: Starz’s new ads for season one:


All the reading though has reminded me how much I love it and list of things next on the docket for after I finally finish Outlander is growing quite long. Number one is Amy Poehler’s latest (I know, I know, I’m behind the times on this one). Thanks to my fav site The Everygirl, I’m certain that #2 on the list, What I Was Doing While You Were Breeding (best.  title.  ever.) is going to give me a SERIOUS case of wanderlust.

What I Was Doing.....source

So there you have it. Random musings and a few very pretty pictures for the week. What have you all had your eye on? New cookware? Or maybe a new book you’d love to get lost in? I highly recommend Scottish time travel circa 1743 🙂

Martha Freaking Stewart

Lately I’ve been jonesing to cook.  Maybe it’s the excessive trips to Crate & Barrel that Jefe and I have been making.  Maybe it’s all the other bloggers out there who are always posting some awesome deliciousness they had time to make.  Maybe it’s the fact that I want to continually rewatch “Julie & Julia.”  Or it could just be that damn Pinterest.  Nevertheless, I’ve decided that not only can I organize and decorate, but that I can, in fact, cook.  World, meet Martha Stewart 2.0.

This week’s feast was thanks to a belated “Christmas” gift from Jefe.  It went a little something like this: he saw me fawning all over this particular cook book every time we walked by the display at C&B or West Elm for the last 3 months.  It got to the “I just want to touch it” levels of desire.  So the other day, he surprised me with it after I had stroked the cover for the umpteenth time.  So naturally I had to cook him SOMETHING in return.

What to Cook & How to Cook It

So I leafed through and after having more hunger pains than I could stand, I picked a) some of the easiest reciples I could find in the book that I thought I couldn’t screw up and b) something that wouldn’t totally destroy my diet (I’m back on the Weight Watchers wagon). So here was the menu:

  • Stuffed Chicken with Tomatoes & Arugula (one can never get enough goat cheese)
  • Dressed Green Beans (I’ll take my veggies with BACON)
  • Baked Apple Streusel, Weight Watchers style

I admit to not being a food blogger and I’m still trying to figure out all the settings on our new digital camera so excuse me for the lack of exact focus.  Here we go, step by step:

Recipe Page

Chicken stuffed with goat cheese

Chicken stuffed with goat cheese

And now it's wrapped in BACON!

And now it’s wrapped in BACON!



Cut tomatoes

Pre-oven awesomeness

Pre-oven awesomeness

Post-oven deliciousness

Post-oven deliciousness

And now for the sides…. and what else was I supposed to do with 4 extra strips of bacon?!


I guess there should be something to go with the bacon....

Bacon Green Beans

Bacon Green Beans with a Dijon Mustard dressing

I have to say, for a very occasional cooker, it turned out pretty damn good.  My kitchen, however, may or may not have looked like a war zone (yes, it was 3 hours later before I actually managed to scrub it all down).  And now, the finished product:


(Insert picture of baked apple streusel awesomeness that I was too tired and Jefe was too impatient to wait to take pictures of)

The meal tasted pretty great.  A few things to note for those that are interested in trying: maybe I didn’t brown the bacon enough on the chicken but it really didn’t add much to it (and was admittedly a little limp).  I could have used MORE goat cheese and tomatoes though and been perfectly content.

The green beans could go just bacon, just dijon or with both.  It was admittedly a *little* much because you lost some of the essence of the green bean and were just overwhelmed by bacon and mustard.  That’s not always a bad thing, but if you’re looking to feel more like you just inhaled a cup of green veggies, maybe lay off the bacon (I can’t believe I just typed that…)

And I have to admit, every time I channel my inner Martha in the kitchen, I discover some other kitchen gadget I can’t live without.  Like a knife specifically for cutting tomatoes.  We just got a great knife set from Crate and Barrel (thanks to Jefe’s parents) but I still haven’t found which one will do the job of slicing without smooshing (or inadvertently slicing myself in the process…I’m not looking to make a trip to Cedars twice in one year for that particular injury).  Anyways, my overflowing kitchen cabinets seem to indicate that I will NOT be purchasing more kitchenwares anytime soon. But  how I long for the days of my future dream kitchen with an overabundance of counter space and cabinet storage….

Cooking Post 01.26.2013