It’s Time to Get Schooled

Happy Friday!  In honor of the start of the weekend (and the fact that I am long over due for a post for you guys), I thought I’d share my new favorite watering hole.  Public School is the newest hot spot in downtown Culver City.  It’s been on Jefe and my’s to-do list since it opened in December, but thanks to the line out the door and around the block, we have yet to make it inside.

But apparently tonight was my lucky night when I met up with a friend from graduate school.  I managed to walk right in and grabbed a table in the back.  While I waited for my friend to arrive, I looked up and was immediately fascinated with the light fixture overhead.

light fixture

Then I took a look around and immediately whipped out my phone for some serious Instagram-ing.  I started with the menu and cocktail napkin…

menu and napkin

Followed by a stunning exposed brick wall.  The line of bulbs were the clear Edison kind dipped in silver.  Beneath those was a shelf of old microscopes.


The interior is simply gorgeous.  It is the perfect blend of industrial, vintage, rustic and old-school chic.  Unfortunately I couldn’t get any more images of the place without walking around looking like a stalker, but I did manage to find a few online.  They really don’t do the place justice, but will give you an idea of it’s true beauty:



outdoor bar 2




outdoor bar


bar 2


bar area




As I was trying to be good since this was my second night out in a row, I opted for a single beer and a healthy meal.  I got the heirloom tomato salad with ruby red grapefruit, basil and balsamic vinaigrette glaze.  Thanks to our stellar waitress, she managed to get me a side of grilled chicken too.  I was so famished after 11 hours at the office, that I inhaled it before I could get a solid picture to share.  My friend was nice enough to let me taste some of hers.  She got a burger that looked absolutely incredible and some fries with a spicy ketchup.  Now I’m a die-hard Heinz fan myself, particularly after living in Pittsburgh for 4 years, but this Sriracha ketchup was a nice touch to the perfectly crisp fries.  Public School’s own Instagram will give you a taste of what you’re in for:

burger and fries


So what do you guys think?  I’m admittedly still daydreaming about that burger.  And the excessively awesome amount of globes.  The use of reclaimed windows was perfection.  I can’t wait to go back.  Has anyone else been to Public School yet?  Any new spots in your own neighborhoods that will rival my new favorite?

Room Redo – Bedroom to Office

So it’s about time for a new project.  Spring is coming and I’m feeling the urge to pull out my painting clothes…. So the first thing on the agenda is another room redo at Jefe’s parents place.  It’s a cute little Spanish bungalow in a great neighborhood in LA and is where my Jefe grew up.  But after a few earthquakes and raising two boys, their guest room and office could use a little TLC.

To start, I’m going to focus on the office as they both do work from home and Jefe’s dad could also really use a space of his own.  Right now the space is a little cluttered, dark and could really use a paint job.  A few challenges:

  • They’re in desperate need of more storage.  As I mentioned in our redo of their living room, Jefe’s dad is an AVID reader.  And even thanks to the new Kindle he got for Christmas, he’s still got quite a book collection.
  • A paneled wall.  But with some helpful tips from the king and queen of DIY, John & Sherry Petersik, Jefe and I plan to turn some ugly in to a great accent wall.
  • Sports memorabilia.  Jefe’s love of the Red Sox had to come from somewhere.  So we’re hoping to integrate it as much as possible.

So here’s what we’ve got to work with:




Seeing as the space is primarily for Poppa Jefe, I’m aiming for an end result of old-school study.  It’s still a work in progress, but maybe a little something like this:

OB-gloria & harry office - v2

The whole thing will be done in stages, using as much as they already have as possible and the remainder on a VERY small budget.  I’ll keep you updated with the progress as well as plans for the guest room soon!