Santa’s Grab Bag

So apparently this was the year of the accessory.  My birthday/Christmas list was a good mix of home decor, reading material and some much-needed clothing & accessories.  I have to admit that Santa, particularly his little elf Jefe, was very good to me.  I was shocked at how generous.  I’m one lucky girl 😀

Christmas Loot JPG1.  Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design – I’m SO excited to read this book.  I’ve been a fan of hers, particularly her West Elm collection, for quite some time.  She’s got such simple, soothing, but interesting patterns.

2.  The Handbuilt Home – John & Sherry are big fans.  And anyone they like is worth a second look.  Unfortunately for Jefe, I now want to bust out a power saw and turn our balcony into a woodshed.  I blame all of those years at CMU building booths.  Obligatory booth post here (yes, I helped make that….):


3.  Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Ornaments – Mercury Glass.  Christmas Ornaments.  Could it get any better?  Only if you add jingle bells…..

4.  Sleigh Bell Embroidered Table Runner – It had me at hello jingle jingle.

5 & 6.  Michael Kors Runway Watch (silver & gold) – Not one but two pieces of bling.  Hearts to my Jefe, mom & my stepdad Jeff, and Jefe’s parents.

7.  LLBean’s Wicked Good Slippers – Even in LA, those hardwood and tile floors get downright chilly at night.  Cold toes need fuzzy slippers.  Even Jefe agreed to be twinsies for once.

8.  JCrew Striped Knit Infinity Scarf (no longer available) – It’s so freaking cozy, already wrapped to the perfect length and it has NO ENDS!  I’m in love.  I had to go buy more navy blue just so I can wear it more often.

9.  Target/Neiman Marcus Marc Jacobs Cashmere Blend Scarf – I picked it up and put it down a solid 10 times the week before my birthday.  I was so worried that they would sell out like they did with the Missoni collection.  So Jefe insisted I just leave it in the cart… (although now that I see it’s still there and on clearance for $40 cheaper, I feel a bit like a sucker…. but I do LOVE it).

So there you have it.  The birthday/Christmas 2012 rundown, full of holiday decor, classic design, and some fancy but necessary pieces of awesomeness.