Beauty Rest Bedroom

So now that the kitchen is looking good (pending some artwork decisions), it’s time to move down the long hall to our master bedroom.  Our big challenge right now is furniture – although we’re fairly content with the quantity of storage our current dressers provide, they leave quite a bit to be desired in the quality and aesthetics arenas.  And now that I have my rich, wood-toned nightstand, we’re anxious to get the rest of our room up to snuff.

Here’s what it’s looking like these days (excuse all poor iPhone photos – its the first time I felt up to blogging in a while and i was motivated to get it DONE!):


The first piece we’re focusing on is a new nightstand with storage for Jefe.  His side of the bed is currently rocking the matchy-matchy black Hemnes I purchased 7 years ago when I moved to LA.

Hemnes Nightstand

Since I got so lucky finding my nightstand at the Rose Bowl, we’ve been focusing our search at the flea market.  So far we’ve struck out twice there and once at the Long Beach Flea Market where we ventured for the first time last week.  Frustrated, I started branching out to the usual suspects to see what new pieces retailers like Pottery Barn, West Elm and World Market had to offer.

Pottery Barn has this great Branford Bedside Table in Mahogany that would be perfect, but at $529 ON SALE, it’s not really in the budget.

PB Branford Nightstand

The next option I found was from World Market – the Sara Double-Wide Nightstand in a beautiful shade of grey blue.  With a price of $119 and by adding some more sophisticated hardware, I could totally make this work.  Then I remembered it would be sitting in front of NAVY curtains, next to NAVY and white striped duvet, and I’m planning to lay down an INDIGO rug….. Just too much blue (I didn’t know there was such a thing!)  But the minute they sell this table in a wood tone, it’s MINE.


Target had some interesting pieces including this more rustic accent table, but there was nothing I liked that was tall enough.  I really hate the low-sitting bed trend.

Threshold Mixed Material Side Table

For now, I’m just going to keep looking.  We live 1 block from the Melrose Trading Post and have yet to venture over, so I think that’s where I’ll be headed this Sunday to continue the hunt.

The other pieces we’re looking to replace are our 2 existing Hemnes dressers and eventually our Hemnes bed frame.  Out with the matching bedroom suit, hello perfectly-curated eclectic mix.  We’re definitely looking to go vintage on the dressers so we can get something of real quality which is so much more important for those types of larger pieces.  I’d love to just pick up an antique back in Pennsylvania next time I’m home, but the shipping alone would break any budget we set.

For the bed frame, I’ve had my eye on a variety of slightly curved, nailhead trimmed headboards and Crate & Barrel just released the bed of my dreams.  I was lusting after the similarly styled Colette, but it wouldn’t allow for a box spring and sat too low.  But the Curve Queen Bed in Napa Camel is absolute perfection. Now if I could just scrounge up enough change from the couch cushions to actually afford it….

Curve Bed in Napa Camel


To soften things up, I’m dying to lay down this indigo Empire Scroll Rug from Pottery Barn over our hardwood floor.

PB Empire Scroll Rug

In terms of accessories, I’m still toying with that, but I think we’re going to stick with black and white photos for artwork.  We already have two great pieces hung, but we really need something for over the bed.  As we’re in earthquake country, there is very little Jefe will let me hang over our heads, but he has agreed to a lightweight canvas of some sort.  I’d like to find an image one of us has taken and get it blown up and printed on canvas by Shutterfly.  Hats off to Brooklyn Limestone for turning me on to the plethora of new home decor options they offer!

Now that I’ve racked up the costs for this “little” redo, I think we’ll stick with our current bedding, which I think will fit in quite nicely. Here’s a quick recap of the plan:

Master Bedroom Revamp Mood Board

I can’t wait to get started!  Now excuse me while I go rob a bank.



Gloria & Harry’s Guest Bedroom

In the ongoing project that is Jefe’s parents’ home renovation, we’ve hit our first serious deadline: his parents have company coming to spend the night in 2 weeks.  The last time we touched that room you may remember (which was over two weeks ago thanks to my 36-hour jaunt to NYC), it looked a little something like this:


So it’s about high-time that I get my butt in gear and get to work.  As I mentioned previously, the whole concept for this room revolved around a rug that Gloria, Jefe’s mom, brought home from a visit to her native Ecuador.  The idea to hang the rug originated from a conversation about what to hang above the headboard on the accent wall.


Being a true East Coaster at heart, I’ve been fighting tooth and nail throughout the 5+ years I’ve lived in LA to disregard the fact that you shouldn’t hang anything heavy above a bed.  But apparently earthquakes are a real thing…  And as much as it pains me to admit it, Gloria and my Jefe are right: I’d much rather pull a lightweight rug off my face when the big one hits than fight with a glass picture frame that just came crashing down.

So Ecuadorian rug it will have to be.  Between the rug and the carved-wood style of the bed frame, I decided to pull some inspiration from images of South American bedrooms as my starting point:

Inspiration - Habitación-Colonial-Doble

Courtesy of Washington Life

Inspiration - 2

Courtesy of Houzz

From there, I just ran with it.  So without further ado, I bring you my plan for the room:


Once we established the rug as the focal point and decided to keep the bedframe and nightstand, I set out to find some accent furniture pieces that would provide some much needed storage, fit in to a somewhat more traditional style and wouldn’t break the bank.   I quickly found that trying to match the reddish-hued wood of the bedframe was near impossible so I chose to go with a few white pieces that would really pop against the accent wall.

The first on the list was the BIRKELAND 3 drawer dresser from Ikea.  And by positioning it on one side of the bed, it could serve double duty as a nightstand.

Ikea Birkeland Dresser

Unfortunately the BIRKELAND series does not have a lot of variety in the line, so I had to look elsewhere for a coordinating bookshelf.  Most things from Ikea were either too modern or didn’t fit the space we have available.  I coincidentally happened to stumble upon the Threshold Carson bookshelf when I was picking up baskets from Target while Jefe assembled the office furniture a few weeks ago.

Threshold Carson Bookshelf

Although on display in black, they didn’t offer the 3-shelf version in white in store so Jefe and I had to order it online.  As we have yet to assemble it, I can’t comment on my first Target furniture purchase so I’ll have to update you all on that later.

From there, I knew the bedspread had to be next.  In working with what you’ve got, I knew it had to be something more traditional that also helped to tie the existing color palette together.  Initially Gloria and I were skewing towards a flowery paisley from Bed, Bath and Beyond:

Inspiration - 3

But Jefe, the adamant flower loather, insisted we head in another direction.  So I turned to all things paisley: Pottery Barn.  I found the Charlie Organic Duvet Cover (shown in the mood board and in detail below) and am thrilled that it’s actually on sale right now as we  hope to pick it up this weekend.

PB Charlie Organic Duvet Cover

For artwork, I’ve been scouring Etsy for great photography of Ecuador that will be complimented by some simple white frames from Ikea.  As for artwork for the rest of the room, that’s still a work in progress.  Thankfully, overnight guests don’t necessitate a fully finished room (although that’s the goal).

Lastly, Gloria suggested hanging a mirror on the wall opposite the foot of the bed which I thought was a great idea.  I’m looking for something simple, possibly in a curved shape.  I don’t know if Jefe will let me get away with it, but I’d love to go with something along the lines of this one from Target:

Threshold Carved Wood Mirror

There you have it.  The latest and greatest from Sledge with Style.  In the coming week, I’ll be featuring some reader Q & A’s, a NEW recurring feature based on my love of all things film, as well as an update on Operation Homify.

Santa’s Grab Bag

So apparently this was the year of the accessory.  My birthday/Christmas list was a good mix of home decor, reading material and some much-needed clothing & accessories.  I have to admit that Santa, particularly his little elf Jefe, was very good to me.  I was shocked at how generous.  I’m one lucky girl 😀

Christmas Loot JPG1.  Allegra Hicks: Eye for Design – I’m SO excited to read this book.  I’ve been a fan of hers, particularly her West Elm collection, for quite some time.  She’s got such simple, soothing, but interesting patterns.

2.  The Handbuilt Home – John & Sherry are big fans.  And anyone they like is worth a second look.  Unfortunately for Jefe, I now want to bust out a power saw and turn our balcony into a woodshed.  I blame all of those years at CMU building booths.  Obligatory booth post here (yes, I helped make that….):


3.  Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Ornaments – Mercury Glass.  Christmas Ornaments.  Could it get any better?  Only if you add jingle bells…..

4.  Sleigh Bell Embroidered Table Runner – It had me at hello jingle jingle.

5 & 6.  Michael Kors Runway Watch (silver & gold) – Not one but two pieces of bling.  Hearts to my Jefe, mom & my stepdad Jeff, and Jefe’s parents.

7.  LLBean’s Wicked Good Slippers – Even in LA, those hardwood and tile floors get downright chilly at night.  Cold toes need fuzzy slippers.  Even Jefe agreed to be twinsies for once.

8.  JCrew Striped Knit Infinity Scarf (no longer available) – It’s so freaking cozy, already wrapped to the perfect length and it has NO ENDS!  I’m in love.  I had to go buy more navy blue just so I can wear it more often.

9.  Target/Neiman Marcus Marc Jacobs Cashmere Blend Scarf – I picked it up and put it down a solid 10 times the week before my birthday.  I was so worried that they would sell out like they did with the Missoni collection.  So Jefe insisted I just leave it in the cart… (although now that I see it’s still there and on clearance for $40 cheaper, I feel a bit like a sucker…. but I do LOVE it).

So there you have it.  The birthday/Christmas 2012 rundown, full of holiday decor, classic design, and some fancy but necessary pieces of awesomeness.