Beauty Rest Bedroom

So now that the kitchen is looking good (pending some artwork decisions), it’s time to move down the long hall to our master bedroom.  Our big challenge right now is furniture – although we’re fairly content with the quantity of storage our current dressers provide, they leave quite a bit to be desired in the quality and aesthetics arenas.  And now that I have my rich, wood-toned nightstand, we’re anxious to get the rest of our room up to snuff.

Here’s what it’s looking like these days (excuse all poor iPhone photos – its the first time I felt up to blogging in a while and i was motivated to get it DONE!):


The first piece we’re focusing on is a new nightstand with storage for Jefe.  His side of the bed is currently rocking the matchy-matchy black Hemnes I purchased 7 years ago when I moved to LA.

Hemnes Nightstand

Since I got so lucky finding my nightstand at the Rose Bowl, we’ve been focusing our search at the flea market.  So far we’ve struck out twice there and once at the Long Beach Flea Market where we ventured for the first time last week.  Frustrated, I started branching out to the usual suspects to see what new pieces retailers like Pottery Barn, West Elm and World Market had to offer.

Pottery Barn has this great Branford Bedside Table in Mahogany that would be perfect, but at $529 ON SALE, it’s not really in the budget.

PB Branford Nightstand

The next option I found was from World Market – the Sara Double-Wide Nightstand in a beautiful shade of grey blue.  With a price of $119 and by adding some more sophisticated hardware, I could totally make this work.  Then I remembered it would be sitting in front of NAVY curtains, next to NAVY and white striped duvet, and I’m planning to lay down an INDIGO rug….. Just too much blue (I didn’t know there was such a thing!)  But the minute they sell this table in a wood tone, it’s MINE.


Target had some interesting pieces including this more rustic accent table, but there was nothing I liked that was tall enough.  I really hate the low-sitting bed trend.

Threshold Mixed Material Side Table

For now, I’m just going to keep looking.  We live 1 block from the Melrose Trading Post and have yet to venture over, so I think that’s where I’ll be headed this Sunday to continue the hunt.

The other pieces we’re looking to replace are our 2 existing Hemnes dressers and eventually our Hemnes bed frame.  Out with the matching bedroom suit, hello perfectly-curated eclectic mix.  We’re definitely looking to go vintage on the dressers so we can get something of real quality which is so much more important for those types of larger pieces.  I’d love to just pick up an antique back in Pennsylvania next time I’m home, but the shipping alone would break any budget we set.

For the bed frame, I’ve had my eye on a variety of slightly curved, nailhead trimmed headboards and Crate & Barrel just released the bed of my dreams.  I was lusting after the similarly styled Colette, but it wouldn’t allow for a box spring and sat too low.  But the Curve Queen Bed in Napa Camel is absolute perfection. Now if I could just scrounge up enough change from the couch cushions to actually afford it….

Curve Bed in Napa Camel


To soften things up, I’m dying to lay down this indigo Empire Scroll Rug from Pottery Barn over our hardwood floor.

PB Empire Scroll Rug

In terms of accessories, I’m still toying with that, but I think we’re going to stick with black and white photos for artwork.  We already have two great pieces hung, but we really need something for over the bed.  As we’re in earthquake country, there is very little Jefe will let me hang over our heads, but he has agreed to a lightweight canvas of some sort.  I’d like to find an image one of us has taken and get it blown up and printed on canvas by Shutterfly.  Hats off to Brooklyn Limestone for turning me on to the plethora of new home decor options they offer!

Now that I’ve racked up the costs for this “little” redo, I think we’ll stick with our current bedding, which I think will fit in quite nicely. Here’s a quick recap of the plan:

Master Bedroom Revamp Mood Board

I can’t wait to get started!  Now excuse me while I go rob a bank.



Hello again

Hi friends.  I know it’s been awhile.  And I could give you a long list of excuses as to my absence, but I figured I’d just give you a fun pictorial recap instead.  Since we last spoke I….

….went Rose Bowling and found the nightstand I’ve been lusting after (and since Jefe was on a plane, I prayed he’d like it)….


…. attended the swanky office Oscar party with my very dapper Jefe.  Only one celebrity setting (Mr. Entourage himself, Adrian Greiner), but we had a great time minus my killer Monday morning headache….


… Jefe and I headed up the coast to Santa Barbara to celebrate year 4 of being partners-in-crime (and I guess love, too).  We stared as some gorgeous shoreline, feasted, and drank our way through wine country.  We may have returned with a case of wine….







IMG_4496 IMG_4499

… Hit up an LA Kings hockey game (they lost)….


…. Went to Pittsburgh for one of my college friend’s wedding.  It was great being reunited with so many of my lady friends and I finally got a change to teach Jefe all about all things Yinzer: The Church Brew Works, Pamela’s, Carnegie Mellon University and all of its many weird traditions.  We even managed to squeeze in a Penguins hockey game thanks to some stellar seats from a coworker who’s also a Pittsburgh native….






…. Saw MUPPETS: MOST WANTED at the El Capitain Theater that included a live pre-show with Kermit & Miss Piggy….



…. Headed to the Getty with my good friend John after a failed attempt to head to the Huntingdon Libraries & Botanical Gardens (thanks AAA and UberX for getting us out of South Pasadena in one piece)….


….Took a bite out of the Big Apple with some of the most adorable little people in our lives.  I got to meet my best friend’s little girl Addie (short for Adeline), and spent some quality time with Geoff’s brother’s family.  We also got the opportunity to see Audra McDonald in “Lady Day at Emerson’s Bar & Grill” and I can officially check off seeing her perform from my Broadway bucket list….



…. Went to ANOTHER LA Kings hockey game (we lost again and Jefe realized that we’ve lost every game he’s ever taken me too…..)  But we had a great time as it was fan appreciation night, the Kings played a great game that led to overtime and 2 rounds of shoot outs….


…. hit up the Rose Bowl Flea Market with my friend Chelsey.  I came home empty handed (minus the breakfast burrito and delicious watermelon juice in my stomach), but Chelsey grabbed 2 refurbished dining chairs and Jefe found the vintage sports equipment seller who’s been MIA the last few times.  He walked away with a great leather baseball glove and an old catcher’s mask.  I did happen to find the barnyard I think Beyonce came from:


All of the above was in addition to a few crazy months at the old 9-to-5 day job (and by that, I mean 9-9ish really).  So pardon my blogging absence.  I’ve also gotten a little tired of all the same interior decor and DIY I keep seeing rehashed and recycled everywhere and just needed a breather from the blogosphere.

Anyways, I’m back and hope to have some new home updates for you guys soon.  First on the agenda – not killing my new little succulent.  I have about as black a thumb as they can come so I’m doing my best to revamp my gardening ways.

Happy Friday!

‘Tis the Season

I don’t know about you all, but I am 120% ready for the holidays.  My Jefe, not so much.  So in an effort to keep the peace at Chez Sledge, I’ve managed to temper my public displays of holiday affection and keep it confined to my Pinterest boards.  (Although what festive music I blare in my car when Jefe isn’t around won’t hurt him……)

I have admittedly been all over the place lately so my pinning may seem a bit erratic, but until I get my next DIY project up and running for you, I thought I’d share a little holiday eye candy.  And now that I have them all layed out, it strikes me that most of these are simple DIY’s that I’m dying to try myself.  Most of it is fall/harvest themed as I am trying to pace myself and not OD on Christmas before I even reach December :-D.

Tree trunk candle centerpiece

Tree Branch Candleholder

Fall Hydrangea Wreath

Autumn Hydrangea Wreath

World Market Thanksgiving Napkins

Thanksgiving Napkins

DIY Wood Slab Centerpiece

Wood Slab Centerpiece

Couple Wrapped In Lights

Couple Wrapped In Lights

Mason Jar Pinecones

Mason Jars Tied with Pinecones

NYE DIY Candles

New Years Eve DIY Candles

If you check out my Holiday board, you’ll also notice a TON of holiday cards as I’m anxious to get those going.  Jefe and I did them for the first time last year and really enjoyed it.  He actually likes the picture I posted above of the couple wrapped in lights , which is a bit cheesier than he normally goes for.  He is, however, skeptical that I can pull it off.  Challenge ACCEPTED.

So this weekend I’m thinking of blowing the dust off my glue gun and getting my craft on.  I haven’t decided which DIY I’m going to tackle (maybe a burlap printed runner?!), but I’ll be back next week with the results.  Jefe and I also have the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market to look forward this Sunday.  We’ve really been working to find pieces that have a bit more character and charm to fill up our home so it will be nice to see the new offerings as we missed last month due to Soxtober.  So we shall see what spoils we’ll come home with!  Happy Friday!

A Flea Market-ing First

A few weeks ago, I trekked out with a handful of cash, a bottle of water, and some sunscreen (which turned out to be a great recommendation after reading a few Yelp reviews) and headed out to the monthly Rose Bowl Flea Market.  This was my first forray in to the world of flea marketing and I really enjoyed browsing all the home goods; there were such great finds that would really turn a neutral space in to something unique and add loads of character.  Another fact I learned: I will never be able to buy used clothing.

The flea market is a great resource for all things vintage in LA and you’ll find all walks of life here from your average garage sale shopper to legit designers looking for those authentic pieces.  I even saw a favorite HGTV star, Carter Oosterhouse, shopping for pillows with his wife.

My first task once I arrived was making the long hike from the parking lot in to the stadium as I was not looking to spend $20 for the premium parking for just a few hours of browsing.  I definitely got my work out that day.


(This was taken 3/4 of the way in to the stadium)

After paying the entrance fee ($8 during normal hours, a bit more for the early bird special prior to 9am), I headed to the right through the vendors that surrounded the circumference of the stadium.  Here I discovered that apparently not only do they allow vintage and antique dealers as well as all sorts of artisans selling new, one of a kind pieces.  And maybe some not so unique goods too:


HGTV even had a stand, handing out branded tote bags filled with the most recent edition of HGTV magazine.  The people working the booth were also encouraging passersby to stick around for demonstrations on DIY gardening.

I continued my way around the bowl and once I reached the backside was when I hit the real vintage goods.  Some of it was junk, some targeted collectors, and others had great one-of-a-kind items.  And there was mid-century modern until your heart’s content.

The trick with the Rose Bowl is that you have to be very careful about pricing.  Turns out, those fancy interior designers and hipsters from Silver Lake are all willing to pay a pretty penny for a nice piece of furniture with clean lines and the sellers have definitely caught on.  So do your homework before you go if you have an idea of what you’re shopping for, know how much you are reasonably willing to spend, and NEGOTIATE.  The worst the seller can do is say No.  Or they can meet you in the middle and you walk away with a great piece of furniture.

This trip’s purpose was mainly just to educate myself on what the market had to offer as well as do a little recon work for future projects.  But I did want to share the highlights of some of the great pieces I came across:

  • Mid-Century Modern as far as the eye can see:





  • Some great newly made industrial pieces sourced from reclaimed wood.  I’m loving the bookshelf in particular:




  • I came across these guys and immediately thought about them as a gift for my mom, who’s looking to finish off their guest room with a slightly nautical and beachy vibe:


  • What glorified garage sale wouldn’t be complete without a little weird?  I had no idea Trolls were still such a hot commodity!



  • And now for the BEST: the truly vintage pieces including an old trunk and some French berry buckets that were supposedly over a 100 years old:





Wouldn’t this be the perfect wine rack?!


If I had the money, this beauty would have come home with me.  It was a classic piece constructed with old-school dovetail joints.  Switch out the knobs for some vintage glass ones and it would have a permanent place in my bedroom.


One of these bad boys should have been my first purchase.  They would be great to corral our bottles of liquor on the bar/island and the red labels would have tied together our dining and living areas.  I will definitely be back for one of these on a future trip to market.


The antique costume jewelry was stunning.  It would be the perfect place for a bride to find her something old.

  • The vintage glass and dishware was incredible.  I now know where Don Draper’s bar cart is stocked from:






Still wishing I would have brought this simple dish home with me. Would have been perfect on top of my dresser for perfume bottles.


This dish was huge.  At least 20″ across.  It would be beautiful on a dark wood dining table.

I was surprised to only found one stand with old letterpress pieces.


Luckily, it was the perfect first-time find to take home with me.  After much searching, I found the last ampersand and paired it with an M and a G.  I think it is a great addition to my desk space:


All in all, it was a great first trip to the Rose Bowl.  I’m really looking forward to heading there in a few weeks to see what else I can find!